Sabayon Linux developers split the Portage sabayon overlay into two new overlays

If you are a Gentoo Linux user who added the sabayon overlay, or if you are a Sabayon Linux user who already uses Portage, note that the developers of Sabayon Linux have just split the overlay into two overlays. One of the overlays (sabayon-distro) contains ebuilds that are specific to the Sabayon Linux distribution and unlikely to be of interest to users of other distributions that use the Portage package manager. The other overlay (sabayon) contains ebuilds that could be of interest to Portage users of other distributions. For example, the package app-misc/sabayon-version will only be of relevance to users of Sabayon Linux, so you’ll only find it in the sabayon-distro overlay, not the sabayon overlay:

# eix sabayon-version
* app-misc/sabayon-version [1]
Available versions: (~)5-r5 (~)7-r1
Description: Sabayon System Release virtual package

[1] "sabayon-distro" /var/lib/layman/sabayon-distro

All you need to do in order to cater for this change is the following as root user:

layman -d sabayon
layman -S
layman -a sabayon
layman -a sabayon-distro

You only need to add the sabayon-distro overlay if you are a user of Sabayon Linux or want to install any of the distribution-specific ebuilds from it. Of course omit the eix-update command if you do not have the excellent eix utility installed.

From then onwards you can just continue as normal using the usual Portage commands as root user in order to synchronise the main Portage tree and synchronise all the overlays added on your machine:

emerge --sync
layman -S

or, if you have an asterisk on its own line in the file /etc/eix-sync.conf then you can replace the above three commands with the following single command: