A farewell to Sabayon Linux

After a hiatus of thirty-four months in the blog posts on the Sabayon Linux Website, a couple of posts on 20 November 2020 announced that the distribution was switching its base distribution from Gentoo Linux to Funtoo Linux (‘Sabayon and Funtoo Linux Merge Projects’), and that the distribution was rebranding (‘Sabayon project is rebranding to MocaccinoOS’) and moving to a completely different package manager named ‘Luet’. A new Website and forums for MocaccinoOS were started, and the Sabayon Linux forums and Wiki are no more.

Although my first experience of Linux was Ubuntu in 2006, it was Sabayon Linux in early 2007 that turned me into a full-time Linux enthusiast and got me interested in the Portage package manager and Gentoo Linux, which I have been using as my main OS for many years now. My interest in Sabayon Linux waned when it moved to a binary package manager (‘Entropy’), and later when it switched from OpenRC to systemd.

Unlike binary distributions, Gentoo Linux enables users to use whichever init system they choose. My Gentoo Linux installations use OpenRC rather than systemd but, occasionally, if a problem interested me, I tried to help Gentoo Linux users who had opted to use systemd. As Sabayon Linux was based on Gentoo Linux with systemd, I would occasionally install Sabayon Linux in virtual machines as a convenient way to investigate issues in Gentoo installations using systemd. Likewise I occasionally tried to help Sabayon Linux users if a problem interested me.

Despite no longer being a full-time user of the distribution, I remained one of the moderators of the Sabayon Linux forums until its demise, albeit not having much time to devote to the role in the last few years. Activity on the Sabayon Linux forums had been quite low for quite some time and I was not surprised to learn that the distribution’s developers had finally called it a day late last year and started a new project. I wish them success with the new distribution.

About Fitzcarraldo
A Linux user with an interest in all things technical.

2 Responses to A farewell to Sabayon Linux

  1. tonyawards says:

    I started in Linux in 2007, and after trying out a lot of Live CDs, went with Sabayon as my first distro. I liked the community, cutting edge upgrades, rolling release with no 6-month reinstalls, etc. I had some issues, most of which were connected with my Linux learning curve in general, some with the distro.
    I have to say, Fitzcarraldo, that you, specifically, helped me through several knotty problems with Sabayon and its underpinnigs back then, more than any other admin or user.
    I have since drifted away from Sabayon, and have been on Arch Linux for a while now.
    But I just want to say thanks for all you did, it was (and is) much appreciated. Keep it up wherever you are, your kind of help and feedback is a rare treasure.

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